UNITED INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS in Ukraine (UIP Ukraine) – a group of companies to prUIPotect private business that provides a full range of services for foreigners in Ukraine from the creation or acquisition of a business to support foreign investment in Ukraine, registration of migration documents for foreign citizens in Ukraine, employment of qualified personnel for the enterprises with foreign capital, registration of licenses and certificates for the lawful operation of companies in Ukraine, legal and accounting support of the current activities of foreign companies in Ukraine, support of the export and import of goods and services, settlement of disputes in the negotiation or court order, litigation in administrative and civil disputes, criminal cases in the sphere of economy, detective services and private security, marketing research.

In addition, due to the developed infrastructure of offices and representatives of UIP, our company provides services to the Ukrainian businesses that want to scale their business in other countries, providing a full range of services in the countries where we are present (USA, UK, UAE, Canada, Mexico, BVI, Belize, Nimecchina, France, Poland, Latvia, Italy, Spain, Gretsia, Cyprus, Albania, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapur, India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, South Africa, Niger, Zambia, Congo).

Our legal and consulting sites:

Advocate-consulting bureau: www.donadvocat.com

Legal center of real estate: www.pravovoycentr.kiev.ua

Attorneys and Lawyers at business: www.hozpravo.com.ua

Lawyers for administrative affairs: www.adminpravo.com.ua

Immigration lawyers and consultants in UA: www.immigration.com.ua

Personal consultations by phone (card system): www.personallawyer24.com

Investment projects that we support:

International carriage of passengers: www.avtobusy.kiev.ua

Education in Ukraine for foreigners: www.studyinukraine.in.ua

Export and import projects that we support:

Import to Ukraine of rice

Exports of eggs from Ukraine

The export of oil from Ukraine

The export sunflower seeds from Ukraine

The export of butter and dairy products from Ukraine