Export of chicken eggs

UIP successfully advising on the sale for export of chicken eggs. Today, Ukraine is the most successful exporter of eggs around the world. The cost of Ukrainian eggs allows traders to earn good money on brokering the sale of Ukrainian eggs in the country. The export of hen eggs C1 white or brown in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, UK, EU, and Africa.

If You have the resources and desire to make money fast on the sales, you can contact us and we will provide you with all the possibilities for the realization of such a project.



4 comments on “Export of chicken eggs

  1. Dear sir,

    We are interested in importing 10 containers of chicken hens eggs complete with shell white color to Jeddah, Saudi arabia.

    Could you please provide us with CIF quotation


  2. Hello,
    We are interested in importing eggs from ukraine into UAE. Can you please email the pricing details.


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