Negotiations were held between Ukraine and the United States

Negotiations were held between Ukraine and the United States on cooperation in the areas of defense, as well as security. In particular, in light of recent deliveries to Ukraine of American military equipment. The United States is committed to further developing cooperation with Ukraine in this area. The Under Secretary of State assured the strong […]

Oscar-2018: Google named the most popular requests of Ukrainians

Oscar-2018: the most popular requests of Ukrainians   Ukrainians would give a statuette in the nomination “Best film” of the military drama “Dunkirk” by Christopher Nolan “Dunkirk”. On March 4, the 90th anniversary ceremony of awarding the Oscar Awards by the American Academy of Cinema Arts will take place. Bookmakers already with might and main make […]

Ukraine – Market Overview

Ukraine’s economy is recovering from a deep recession. After the political and economic crisis in 2014–2015 and a cumulative economic decline of 16 percent, Ukraine’s economy began to grow slowly in 2016, with two percent growth on an annualized basis. While the country’s turnaround was mainly associated with the reforms implemented by the first technocratic […]

Ukraine – market problems

Economic development of modern Ukraine has both negative and positive moments. The main problems are the reformation of industry and agriculture, ensuring stable growth of production, stopping the destruction of culture, science and education, creating a reliable system of social protection, integration into the European and world community. Positive tendencies of the Ukrainian economy’s development […]