Provision of consulting services for the support of procedures for the passage of tender procedures in Ukraine and abroad.

A team of our specialists will successfully prepare the necessary documents and represent the interests of your company at various tender procedures for obtaining a positive result.

Currently, most enterprises in Ukraine are faced with the fact that it is necessary to optimize all business processes within enterprises, the main goal of which is to reduce costs, which is directly related to a decrease in the cost of products (goods), services and works and increase their competitiveness. The use of electronic trading enterprises in procurement is one of the components of this process.

Legal analysis and tender preparation

Where to get orders today for Ukrainian and foreign enterprises and companies?

The state budget and the possibility of its use for the provision of various works and services for public money today is very relevant.

The new government in Ukraine provides an opportunity to honestly and openly participate in government procurement and receive the resources of the whole 45 million state.

The countries of the European Union are also actively using tender procedures in the search for contractors, while the permissible cost of such works and services is very competitive as for companies from Ukraine.

However, the qualified preparation of documents requires complex legal support, knowledge of special legislation and skills in such procedures.

Any inaccuracy in the paperwork or in the process of the tendering process itself can have extremely negative financial and rehearsal consequences.

Our lawyers are ready to provide full support for tenders in Ukraine, as well as in EU countries.

Our economists will provide you with the necessary advice and provide high-quality design of all documentation.


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