How can you sell products at a premium of 1000 percent?


How can you make money on the export of goods from Ukraine with a profit of 300%?

Today, the best way to earn money in international relations is to export products from countries where there is both an inexpensive and high-quality product.

If you are an entrepreneur and are in any country of the World, do you plan to engage in the sale of goods, then you have thought about how you can buy these goods in the country of origin.

Indeed, this approach ensures maximum profit and a competitive advantage in your market.

Do you want to earn at an excess of 300 or even 1000 percent of the money invested in the product? Yes it is real.

Ukraine today is the leader in the export of various products around the world, and exports from Ukraine are constantly increasing.

Do you want to become number one in your country in the future and scale up your business worldwide?

Then you just need to learn how to earn money on exports from Ukraine.


  • What products are already in world demand and will soon appear in your country?
  • Working algorithms for creating a business with Ukraine for a beginner, entrepreneur or investor?
  • How to start to safely deliver goods from Ukraine with a margin of 1000 percent?
  • In which niches is it better to create an absolutely new profitable business in 2019?
  • Growing trends: what new products are worth investing time and money?


  • 39 years.
  • Former legal adviser of CJSC Agroton – one of the largest producers and exporters of agricultural products in Ukraine (2001).
  • Investigator of the prosecutor’s office and prosecutor of the regional prosecutor’s office. Investigation and supervision of special forces in the fight against organized vagueness and corruption (GO BKOP SBU, UBOP, UVB MIA, UVB STA) and support charges in cases of smuggling goods across the state border of Ukraine (2002-2007).
  • Lawyer in Ukraine. Comprehensive protection of foreign business in administrative and criminal proceedings, immigration lawyer, advising on international tax planning, registration of foreign companies, Due Diligence (since 2007).
  • Accompanying legal export from Ukraine and import of goods to Ukraine (since 2008).
  • Head of the regional offices of the Ukrainian Bar Association and the Ukrainian Bar Association (2011 – 2018).
  • He personally bought and sent from Ukraine containerized sunflower seeds (2013), sunflower oil (2014-2018), chicken eggs (2016), honey (2018).
  • Accompanied in 2015 a project to import clothing from the UK (London) to Ukraine (2015).
  • Every year at least 2 times visits the countries of import of Ukrainian products to the EU, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, America: Poland, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Pakistan, Zambia, Congo, USA, Canada, Mexico, India, China, United Arab Emirates, Qatar , other.
  • Accompanying projects for scaling business in various countries “turnkey”, international investment projects.
  • Head of the International Law Committee of the Ukrainian Bar Association (2017).
  • Heads the UiP group of companies (UNITED INTERNATIONAL PARTNERSHIP), which has a network of representatives all over the World. EMP provides services in the field of international relations, providing freedom for international businessmen (since 2014).

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