Food safety in Ukraine is supported by EU experts

Chairman of the State service of Ukraine on food safety and consumer protection Volodymyr Lapa held a meeting with experts of the EU project “Improvement of food safety in Ukraine”. During the meeting the parties discussed further practical steps, and Demirtzoglou project in the framework of international technical cooperation.

During the meeting, in particular, it was about the supply of equipment that is funded by the EU, and conducting complex training among the professionals who will work with this equipment.

As of today, has already taken place installation of the software, which relates to the exercise of the functions of state supervision and ensure epizootic well-being. In addition, the executors of the project of technical assistance has developed a system of distance training of specialists of the service, which is now running in test mode.

The parties have developed short-term action plan and agreed to coordinate their activities for its successful implementation.

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