International family law

International family law is a specialization of our lawyer practice.

UIP staff can provide legal advice to clients on the following issues:

  • family law issues in Ukraine and other countries and where international problems arise,
  • divorce, divorce and same-sex partnerships,
  • section of ownership,
  • resolution of financial disputes of spouses,
  • alimony,
  • domestic violence,
  • cohabitation agreements,
  • issues relating to children, including custody and accommodation, visits, resettlement, abduction, surrogacy, adoption and public law,
  • dispute resolution, including litigation, mediation, joint law and arbitration.

At the moment, our company is conducting several business processes in Ukraine with a foreign element, where state bodies of other countries, together with our opponents, claim to excommunicate Ukrainian children by spouses and transport them to these countries. We have good results in countering such unlawful acts.

UIP has high-level quality partners in various countries and experience in the indicated categories of business.



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