Kiev is named the most accessible city for travel

Kiev became the leader among 100 cities of the world in terms of its budget for tourists.

In Kiev, for rental housing, three meals a day, various drinks and excursions the entire traveler will have to pay an average of 65 pounds (about 2.5 thousand UAH) per day.

According to the company, to eat in Kiev from the declared one hundred cities is the cheapest. But for the cost of housing the city took the 5th position among the economy-options. Rent an apartment in the Ukrainian capital costs about 42 pounds sterling per day (about 1.6 thousand UAH). Cheaper than Kiev for the cost of housing were: Denpasar (Indonesia), Antalya (Turkey), Phuket (Thailand) and Jakarta (Indonesia).

The list included cities and amounts that tourists use on average for a day.

In the top 10 most budgetary countries also included Antalya, Turkey – £ 70, Manila, Philippines – £ 70, Siem Reap, Cambodia – £ 79, Cairo, Egypt – £ 79, Bucharest, Romania – £ 84, Jakarta, Indonesia – £ 85, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – £ 88, Sofia, Bulgaria – £ 88, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – about £ 90.

The most expensive city to travel in 2018 is New York, USA. Here, tourists spend about 346 pounds sterling daily (more than 13 thousand UAH).

Note that an important role in structuring the rating was played by the cost of housing, lunch in a restaurant and in a budget snack bar.

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