UIP it is Law firm specialized in providing all kinds of legal assistance to foreigners and foreign companies in Ukraine, migration management in Ukraine and abroad), the support of foreign economic and investment activities in Ukraine, attorneyas well as extensive court practice to foreigners (administrative, immigration, civil and criminal cases).

UIP was founded by the leading jurists of the capital and regions of Ukraine with extensive experience in various legal practices and proven credibility in separate specializations of law.

Bureau specialists, working in the complex and each specializing in its own direction, focus and continuously improve your skills on specific cases of narrow specialization, combine the indispensable quality young defenders with wisdom and years of experience of senior colleagues, supported by extensive conflict resolution in law enforcement and regulatory bodies at all levels and instances from the district units to higher capital institutions (government, Parliament, ministries, immigration service and other agencies, etc.).

The firm’s inherent qualities such as understanding of the client’s interests and offer effective ways of problem solving; the development of effective (variable, creative) strategy for the protection of the interests; high quality document preparation; establish and maintain tactics in the case; a moral and ethical quality and professional mediation.

As a result, the company has successfully provided assistance to foreigners when migrating to learning and to doing business, in most areas of legal protection and financial and legal consulting.

UIP occupies a leading position among law firms in support of the immigration processes of citizens and businesses, legal support of export and import.

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One of the most popular projects UIP group to become the project Personal Lawyer 24 (, which is developing very actively in Ukraine. Under this program, any foreigner in Ukraine may get advice in English, Russian or Ukrainian language on any legal issues, including questions regarding immigration status, entry into the country, forced expulsion from the country, customs and police, administrative and criminal situations, traffic accidents, debts, personal, family or business relations in Ukraine. For this purpose it is necessary to make a contract with our company and get a personal card and the personal code by which to consult 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and also have discounts on other services of the company.