Of investment object: university building

Object: university building

Location: in the central part of Kyiv along Victory Avenue near the KPU metro station (Kiev Polytechnic University)

Legal registration: The property is registered to a legal entity in the legal form of a private higher education institution.

Description of the object:

  • A four-story three-span building with a mixed rectangular frame.
  • Foundations rubble with a reinforced concrete belt.
  • Columns, beams, floor panels – monolithic reinforced concrete, except for beams of the 1st and 4th floors, made of welded metal and plastered on a metal mesh, as well as columns of the 4th floor lined with bricks.
  • Overlap above the 4th floor – from prefabricated reinforced concrete hollow-core panels. External walls – made of frame clay brick 51 cm thick. Lined with ceramic tiles.
  • The building has all utilities: water supply, sewage.
  • Ventilation, fire alarm. installation of telephones and local computer communications with outputs.
  • An additional cable has been supplied for the electrical supply of electric boilers of installed capacity.
  • The building has two stairwells connected by corridors.
  • The building is equipped with an elevator.
  • In the right and left wing there are sanitary units (toilets) on each floor.
  • The roof is flat with a multilayer roll coating with rainfall.
  • A cafe is located on the 4th floor.
  • Under the lobby there is a basement where the heat point of the building is located.

Size: 60 meters long and 18.3 meters wide.

The total area of ​​the building is 3600 square meters.

The area of ​​the land by cadastre is 1108.61 square meters.

The cost of the property is 700 euros per square meter.

The total value of the property is 2.520.000 euros.


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