Services for international business in Ukraine

Our Services for international business in Ukraine:

– Business invitation,
– The tax code.
– Reg. companies.
– IP law – TM and Branding.
– Buying a company (M&A).
– Work permit for for foreign workers.
– Registration of a temporary residence permit for 3 years.
– Registration of immigration permit, permanent residence permit, citizenship.
– Marriage and immigration permission.
– Registration of investments and a permanent residence permit.
– Submission of a visa application form and advice on obtaining visas.
– Medical insurance.
– Registration.
– Purchase of commercial real estate.
– Purchase of residential real estate.
– Rental of real estate and solving problems with landlords.
– Purchase of goods for export.
– Certification of imported products.
– Licenses and permissions.
– Accounting services and tax accounting.
– VAT refund.
– Antitrust laws and regulation.
– Protection from the actions of the financial police, prosecutors and tax.
– Economic disputes with manufacturers, suppliers, logistics companies and other counterparties to transactions.
– Security of business processes – advice on the organization of security services.
– Minimization of theft opportunities at the enterprise and investigation of shortages.
– Analysis of the wound and the conclusion on the volume of the wound.
– Maintenance of turnkey business projects.
– Translation of documents.
– Continuous call center support in English.


Starting a business in Ukraine

One comment on “Services for international business in Ukraine

  1. Great company.
    They helped to open their own business.
    Constructive consultations quickly and efficiently did their job. Thanks a lot!!!
    I wish you success and prosperity !!!

    If interested, then more details:
    We turned to Mr. Alexander Yevsiutin in his company UIP for paperwork related to the legalization of a foreign businessman from Iran in Ukraine.

    We personally met with him and received very good advice on how best to create a business in Ukraine for a foreigner and apply for a residence permit.

    Everything was done quickly and efficiently, we plan to do business in Ukraine.

    What is good is that Alexander Yevsiutin.
    He has vast experience, but he was also a lawyer at the enterprise, he served in the prosecutor’s office for many years as a practicing lawyer, and at the same time he helps and protects foreigners in Ukraine, foreign investments, even if these investments are not very large.

    We are now importing goods into Ukraine and re-exporting products to the EU, and Alexander Nikolayevich’s law firm can also help us with this.

    That is, if you need advice on various issues, then he will also help you.

    All in one place, it is very convenient.

    And most importantly, he has all the skills to help foreigners in Ukraine from registering or buying a company, applying for a residence permit, investing in the country, accompanying its activities and even protecting it from attacks by the tax authorities, prosecutors, police, raiders or competitors.
    There are not many such specialists.

    I hope my review will be useful, Zvitana.

    Identification code of legal entity 42908658

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