Study in Ukraine

Private education company UKREDUCENTRE LLC (, which is part of a group of companies UIP Ukraine, is the only company in Ukraine, which provides services for obtaining high-quality higher education in Ukraine for foreign citizens.

We have the ability to issue legally correct relations with universities and provide it your interests in Strengthening health workforce to strengthen health systemsthe universities, protecting and helping it to you, and not vice versa, as do other contractors.

Legal support makes it possible to guarantee visa to Ukraine.

At the same time, students also have the opportunity to receive quality legal services, services provided by the migration of the company, to get a job with the help of recruitment services company, to rent or buy a property with the help of real estate company UIP, invest or set up your own business in Ukraine with the help of specialist consulting services UIP.

That is to be protected in any situation while in Ukraine. And all this can be obtained from the corporate discounts for services.

The necessary knowledge for successful business in Ukraine.

This knowledge must be obtained in higher educational institutions. If You want to be successful in Ukraine or in the countries of the former Soviet Union You build a business to understand the specifics of working in this dynamic and promising region in the center of Europe, we offer You to receive qualified higher education in Ukrainian universities.

The knowledge of Soviet quality, You can also always apply in their homeland.

Our company for the past ten years, accompanied by foreigners in Ukraine, and helps postwith to the University, successfully pass the training without hindrance and to receive the diploma of bachelor, specialist or master.


One of the most popular projects UIP to become the project, which is developing very actively in Ukraine. Under this program, any student is a foreigner in Ukraine can get advice in English on any legal issues, including questions regarding immigration status, entry into the country, forced expulsion from the country, customs and police, administrative and criminal situations, traffic accidents, debts, personal relations in Ukraine. For this purpose it is necessary to make a contract with our company and get a personal card and the personal code by which to consult 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and also have discounts on other services of the company.