Ukraine – creating a company and office

A foreign company interested in starting a business in Ukraine has the possibility of creating a limited liability company, a private enterprise, a joint stock company, a representative office or a subsidiary.

It is also possible to work through joint venture / cooperation agreements and investment funds / mutual funds.

Representative offices of foreign companies are considered independent legal entities, with some exceptions, for example, can perform marketing, advertising and other support functions, but cannot sell services or goods.

The UIP recommends creating a full-fledged company in Ukraine if you intend to carry out production or other significant commercial activities in Ukraine.

UIP Ukraine is engaged in the registration of local offices of foreign companies, boulevard Lesi Ukrainki, 26, Kiev).

For more information, please contact by e-mail: [email protected], phone: + 38-044-333-91-06.

To register a representative office of a foreign business entity, you must provide the following documentation:

Application for registration of a representative office in free form

Notarized extract from the trade (bank) registry of the country where a foreign economic organization is officially registered (Certificate of Registration)

Notarized link from the banking institution where your account is registered, signed by the main employee of the bank

Power of attorney to perform representative functions issued in accordance with the laws of the country in which the head office of a foreign commercial enterprise is officially registered

Protocol on the establishment of a representative office in Ukraine and the appointment of a Representative Director

Passport information and identification number of the head of the representative office

The lease agreement for the registered office

All documents must have an official brand name, be translated into Ukrainian, and the translation must be notarized.

A full list of documents required for registration of a representative office can be obtained by directing to a company – a partner of UIP:

All documents must be notarized by a notary at the place of issue and legalized at the consular office of Ukraine in your country or they must be apostilled.

Foreign companies can find professional staff for their Ukrainian operations through our partner – a recruitment agency operating in Ukraine.

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