Ukraine – Market entry strategy

The ideal market entry strategy is to find the right partner. UIP in Ukraine offers for this purpose a variety of services for networking.

We can help you position your company in front of partners.

First build relationships. Take a few tests and see which product you are selling.

Take a special business training.

Explore the Ukrainian market and its features.

As your business grows, your business connections will grow.

Remember that our company is located in Ukraine to support business interests abroad, so please use our consulting services.

The UIP can explain company registration, product certification, and licensing — whatever it takes to facilitate market entry, including, if necessary, sources of funding.

Having started working with the UIP team in Ukraine, which has considerable experience and helps foreign companies and their partners in solving problems with fiscal, law enforcement and customs matters, as well as in business promotion.

Be prepared to contact us at any time if you suspect or identify potential problems with your business.

Protection and security of business in Ukraine is our key competence.

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